How much time does shipping take?

The processing of your order takes 1-3 days and the delivery 1-3 weeks.

Do you ship anywhere?

Yes, absolutely anywhere in the world.

Why didn't I receive my order(s)?

Shipping can take between 7-25 (usually 1-3 weeks) business days or even longer, depending on your location and the opening hours of your local post office. We do not offer tracking of our free items.

** Due to the high demand, there is an extended waiting time for orders of an additional 10 business days **.

If you order multiple items, they can be shipped separately to ensure faster delivery.

We do not ship to mailboxes.

Sometimes it can take longer due to customs, we can't specify deadlines.

All FREE items are pre-orders.

Order processing

Shipping - The order processing takes 2-3 working days.

Who delivers my product(s)?

Your shipments will be delivered from our fulfillment center and will usually reach you via your local post office at your location, we use a non-track service for free shipments.

When are deliveries usually made?

Delivery depends on the local postal system and usually takes place during business hours. (Monday to Friday, 9-17 hrs)

What happens when nobody's home?

Don't worry, most of our mail is left in your mailbox if it's small enough, and if the postman doesn't have access to your mailbox, it's usually left at your local post office so you can pick it up!

I have messed up my delivery address, what should I do?

You have 24 hours to send a request to change your address at info@epilatux.com

What about my billing address?

Billing addresses are currently not editable to prevent and minimize fraud. Please note that all data entered and transmitted to us is final.

Change of address after receipt of shipping confirmation

According to our general terms and conditions, no changes can be made to the order after an order has been dispatched from our warehouse and are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Returns, Exchanges & Refunds

I don't like my article, can I give it back?

Returns will be accepted provided they do not exceed 14 days after receipt of the item by the buyer. However, all returns should be in perfect condition and the return postage should be borne by the sender. The proof of shipment must then be sent to us by e-mail as proof of delivery.

**Advertising and sales items are not returnable / refunds / money-back guarantee.

Will you refund me the shipping costs?

Depending on the item and reason, refunds will be available to those who qualify.

Can I return the item and replace it with something else?

If the returned item is in perfect condition, it can be exchanged. Please send us an email and we will do something for you.

Import and tax fees

What happens if I am subject to import duties?

Your order may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. The general amount of duties and taxes is approximately 20% of the Euro amount of the goods. However, this is only a general guideline and may vary depending on the country to which the order was shipped. You should contact your customs office for certain amounts and percentages.

The shop cannot exercise control and is not responsible for all duties/taxes levied on your package. You are responsible for paying additional fees for customs clearance. Customs regulations vary widely from country to country; please contact your local customs office for more information. Note that in rare cases customs agents may delay the delivery of some packages.

Can I change my item after I receive the email confirmation?

Unfortunately not. All items that have left our warehouse are final and cannot be changed.

Refunds & Cancellations

What is your refund policy?

All purchased items may be returned and/or refunded by the Buyer at the discretion and approval of Management under the following conditions:

Exceptions apply to promotional items (free of charge).

Requests for returns will be accepted within 14 business days of delivery.

All items must be returned with all parts and labels as delivered.

Damaged, defective or incorrect items may be exchanged at management's discretion.

The return fee is paid exclusively by the buyer.

Management reserves the right to refuse any returns/refunds and each case is at the sole discretion of the Company.

The Company is not liable for errors in the delivery addresses provided by the Customer and is dependent upon the item being returned to us prior to receipt of any refund.

Any change of address is subject to management approval and orders shipped or completed will not be processed.

Any return of items must correspond to the address stated in the initial order and cannot be changed or replaced by any other address, design or brand of the item. The management reserves the right to refuse to return the item on the basis of incorrect addresses and is not responsible for the inaccuracy of the address provided by the purchaser.

How long does the refund take?

Refunds may take up to 14 business days, depending on the system used to pay.

I haven't received my refund yet?

Please notify us immediately by email if you have not received it after 14 business days and we will help you clarify something for you.

Damaged items

What do I do if I have received a damaged item?

If you have received a damaged item, please let us know immediately and you will have the choice of whether to send you a replacement item.

Can I return a damaged item?

Unfortunately we do not currently accept returns for damaged items. However, there is a return option available if you wish to use this option.

**We are not liable for damage caused by wear, immersion in water or if the item does not fit due to size reasons.



Are you subscribing me to any boxes?

No, all our items are purchased once and you will not be charged for anything other than the item you ordered.

Promotional items

Why do you have some items for free?

We firmly believe that style should be affordable. We often run temporary free promotional item campaigns where you only pay for shipping and we can then perform a mass balancing process to make this possible, similar to a kickstarter campaign. We get value from cross-selling and hope you will return to us in the future.

Emails & Notifications

Confirmation e-mail not received

If you have not received any e-mails from us confirming your purchase, please let us know immediately by e-mail or via our contact form with your full name/delivery address and we will help you clarify this as soon as possible.

Sometimes our emails can end up in your spam, junk, or other folders, and we would ask you to check them before contacting us.

Email cannot be displayed correctly.

If you cannot read our email correctly, contact us and we will resend the email to you.

How can I contact you?

Please email us at info@epilatux.com Our customer service is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Why was my order cancelled?

If your order is cancelled unexpectedly, it is possible that our fraud filter has marked your order as fraudulent. If you are sure that this is not the case, please re-order.

Customer Care

Questions sent to us by e-mail and answered on our FAQ page will not be answered, this reduces the number of working hours required so that we can continue to offer our products free of charge.